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Electrically heated windshield wipers.

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Drivers are familiar with the fact that ice often accumulates on windshield wipers in various types of winter weather conditions. This reduces the wipers function. Being that this often occurs during the worst weather and road conditions this might create hazardous driving conditions and can lead to drivers stopping in unfavourable places to get ice off the wipers.

There have been a number of suggested solutions to the problem with variable success.
Thermowiper is a product, which can easily be adapted to the wiper at hand.

Thermowiper is a patented heat strip, which is constructed to replace the ordinary metal strip, which is mounted in special grooves on either side of the rubber blade.

Thermowiper has the same dimensions and flexibility as the original wiper parts.
Thermowiper can be fitted on various types of wipers.

The electrical component is adapted to a type wiper with exchangeable rubber blades.

Thermowiper is a tested product; the electrical component can withstand 1 million twists and bends.
The electrical wiring of the component is custom made to withstand twists, bends, heat, cold and various types of chemicals.

Many who have tried Thermowiper say it is more salt and dirt resistant than ordinary rubber blades. The effect of Thermowiper is customized to the length of the blade/strip and to what the blade can withstand of heat. If the driver forgets to turn off the windshield wiper heat, the only thing that can happen is that the battery might be drained of power.

Thermowiper is a reasonable, effective, flexible solution to the problem of icy windshield wipers with exchangeable rubber blades.

Thermowiper is available to most carmodels and blade lengths.

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